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For first time sellers and seasoned movers alike, the thought of selling your home can seem like you’re signing up for a marathon, the navigation of the valuation process can feel like you’re sailing the ocean in a tin bath and choosing the right agent, marketing at the right price and paying a fair fee just seems impossible. Even worse is finding yourself in the situation where you’re on the market but your home is not selling and you have no idea why.

There is heavy competition when it comes to Estate Agents. There aren’t many towns or villages where there aren’t at least three of them servicing the same area. This competition means they sometimes adopt practices that help them win your business, thus defeating the competition, rather than putting your best interests as a seller first. Over valuing is common practice, over promising is too and fees aren’t advertised so you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal. However, they are a necessary tool in getting your home moving process.

TWPC will be there to help you navigate the initial process and ensuring that the decision that you come to is the right one for you.

Our service includes:-

  • Professional and true valuation with market comparables
  • Advice on the local housing market
  • Analysis on up to four local estate agents comparing their performance and practices
  • Advice on the best marketing strategies being employed locally
  • Advise on how to negotiate the best fee and why this is not always the cheapest.
  • Advise on any home improvements that will ensure that you get the best possible price for your home.

Already on the Market?

For those whom are already on the market, it can feel like the only thing that you can do is reduce the price of your home. This may be neither possible and is certainly not desirable. Rather than take such drastic action, a consultation with TWPC will identify where the problems lie, turn your selling success around and get you sold at the price you deserve. Yes it’s an extra expense, but better to spend a little and make a lot!

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